For the love of quilting and cooking.


 I'm pictured here with my mom, my very first teacher.

I'm pictured here with my mom, my very first teacher.


It all started when...

Hello, my name is Betsy and I live just north of Chicago with my husband and two sons.  I just love to cook and sew and share recipes.  I starting cooking as a child helping Mom in the kitchen.  Growing up in a house of 7, it was often my job to come home from school and start dinner before Mom got home from work.  As a teen I used to visit the library and check out cookbooks.  I'd come home and hand-write recipes that I wanted to try.  I've been doing this ever since, thankfully now with the use of a copy machine or computer!  I just can't pass up what I think would be a great recipe.  When I find one, I love to share. I hope you will like them too!

I also started sewing as a child.  As my Mom would sew and I would beg to use her machine to make doll clothes.  She bought me a used machine as a teen and I have been sewing every since.  I particularly enjoy making quilts and bags.  With my love of both sewing and cooking I came up with the name Quilt and Cafe.  Thank you for spending time with me.  I look forward to your comments.