Avocado Freshness Tip

Do you love Avocado? Do you sometimes only need a little bit and not a half? We’ve been eating a lot of Avocado Toast at my house and it occurred to me that I don’t have to cut the avocado in half every time if I just want to use a portion. So it may seem obvious to most, but it was such an eye opener to me that I thought it worthy of sharing this tip. Only cut what you need and then wrap it in plastic wrap pressing the wrap next to the open avocado to slow the oxidation. If you have lemon juice around, you can brush the cut flesh with lemon juice before wrapping. This will slow the oxidation process and it won’t be as brown when you cut your next serving. If it does appear brown, then just cut a sliver off to expose a more desired green area. See from the photos below.

Here are some ways we like to enjoy Avocado Toast. How do you top yours?